Making Money While Travelling – Helpful Tips For Backpackers to Stay on Budget

If your travelling on a budget, lets say backpacking around the world, the idea would have crossed your mind… I wonder if I can make a little money while I’m travelling, so I can travel for longer? With the internet in every corner of the world now it’s becoming easier and easier… Depending on how much work you want or how deeply you want to integrate into a foreign country there plenty of options. A great place to start is in Travel writing. It’s free to do and while your backpacking around you will most definitely form your own observations and opinions, why not share them with other travellers and make a little money along the way. If this idea is music to your ears then here’s a few options I’ve found:

Writing for Travel Websites: This can an easy way to make a little cash, sharpen your writing skills and get deeper into the countries you travel through. Sites like Matador and Boots n All will pay somewhere between $25 -$50 for articles, that’s not a lot but look at it this way – if your already in a country then why not think of an angle and write a story about it, what’s to loose? Plus it will almost certainly get you off of the tourist trail and into the heart of that place.

Keep a Travel Blog or Website: This way is a little more involved than the last but it can pay off if your prepared for a little hard work. Starting your own Blog couldn’t be easier and there is a wealth of great resources available on the internet that can help. This approach require more Admin and you will need to be a writer, a marketer, deal with advertising and website design… But I’ll say it again, the rewards can be big. I know Travel Bloggers that earn in excess of $2000 a month doing just this and I keep my own Blog about Backpacking around the world on a budget

Learn to teach English: Again a wealth of resources are available about this but your best bet is to get accredited with someone like TEFL – the best placements often go to TEFL certificated people. This is more of a long term option but it will give you the chance to really get under the skin of a community and as time goes by you’ll only get better at it. It would be a great way to pay for yourself while you backpack around the world and make a difference to the people you meet.

Use Your Own Skills: this is something many people often overlook, they leave home not expecting their current set of skills to apply… Not true! Take hairdressing for example, many western travellers won’t want to tackle the language barrier with a local hair stylist and instead let it hang low… But there is plenty of money to be made at busy guest houses a keen backpacker on a budget…

This is my no means comprehensive but it’s a starting block that needs to be considered by any backpacker or traveler on a budget. Team these ides with saving money like using and Skype and you will see your budget stretch much further than you ever expected.

Ever wondered what it’s like to sell it all and go travel the world? – That’s just what we did. Aaron and Georgie have been travelling the world since April 2008. We sold our house, our car and even our cat so we could go forth and backpack around the world on a budget. We Blog about our travels, our adventures, our love and our life from the road as we go – [] Mucho Mucho LOVE… Come Join In… If you want to read more about making money while you travel then why not have a look at other articles we’ve written []

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